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"I have to say that if I have made one good purchase over the years it has been my Deines. It has served me well. I have about ten other tractors on the yard and the Deines would be the last to go!""

Dave Penny
Marshall, SK

"Thank you for all of your TLC - You are one of a kind. Service like yours is non-existant."

Larry and Judie Lyons
Brock Cemetery Assoc.
Brock, SK

"I do not remember when I bought this mower but I can tell you that since I did I have my weekends back. To date I have had virtually no trouble with it other than a small amount of regular maintenance. I even irrigated my yard and now cut every three days throughout the summer."

Charles Hume
Osage, SK

"Our acreage we bought came with a Deines mower and all I can say is wow. What a time saving machine. If you have a large yard with trees this is the machine for you. I used to use the regular riding mowers on our farm and this is a must have - what a difference it makes. A well built mower !!! Guaranteed my Deines saves me many hours."

Parrish Kondra
Hepburn, SK

"If a guy hasn't driven a Deines, he doesn't know what he's missing!"

Bill Peters
Osler, SK

"Just a note to let you know that the mower I bought from you is the best machine I have ever owned. I have a very large yard to cut, as well as a big church yard and an elderly widow lady's river slope lawn. I now have lots of power, good traction and simple speed."

Robert Hougham
Frenchman's Butte, SK